Our Vision

The Ramon Foundation aims to ignite the three essential values which Ilan and Asaf Ramon stood for – academic excellence, social leadership and groundbreaking courage. 

Through the most advanced programs in the fields of science, aviation and space, the foundation aims to inspire a new generation of young Israeli’s with an exemplary sense of purpose and professionalism and to nurture the values of academic excellence, social leadership and groundbreaking courage. 

Rona Ramon

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Ilan Ramon

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Asaf Ramon

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In memory of Rona, Ilan & Asaf Ramon

Our Vision

Based on the educational paradigm of Ilan and Asaf Ramon, we have built an impressive network of educators who work from the Upper Galilee to the Southern Negev in Israel. This combination of incredible leaders work to inspire and educate young adults and students alike.
The foundation’s governing council and professional staff and partners share a variety of interests and expertise, and are leaders in their field.

Israeli Commercial Space

The Ramon Foundation wishes to follow col. Ilan Ramon – the first Israeli astronaut, footsteps and assist space industry entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Understanding startups do not grow in a void, we wish to bring together entrepreneurs, academics, government officials, local & global space industry representatives, investors etc. and to provide local entrepreneurs, start-ups and space ventures a support platform for knowledge-sharing, networking and collaboration.

Ramon AI Space Hackathon

AI hackathon by the Foundation, Israeli space agency and partners

Ilan Ramon Confence

The international Ilan Ramon conference by the Israeli Space Agency

Space Innovation Community

Our space entrepreneurs community will launch during 2019

Leadership Development

Aviators Club

Aviators Club program is a Social-Ethical leadership program for 5th-8th grade students, in which Operational squadrons of the Israeli air force adopt schools from the periphery. The pilots and a professional social leader from the Ramon Foundation accompany the children for two years using close escorting and meeting along the year.

The club nurture and empower the children, leading them to improve their self-image, capability sense and enhancing academic achievements.

Ramon Awards

The Ramon Award is a leading program in Israel in the field of leadership for 12th grade students. The partners for this program are: The ministry of education, The ministry of science, technology and space and Ramon foundation. The partners choose each year 12 students who graduated the 11th grade who excel in their studies, have proven leadership ability and gave an outstanding contribution to society and the community.

Space Education

Ramon SpaceLab

Ramon Spacelab is Israel’s leading education program in the field of science. The program gives students a unique opportunity to submit an experiment to the International Space Station. 

Ramon SkyLab

30 weeks program which encourages middle school students to learn about the atmosphere as they experience cutting-edge scientific research.

Horizon Educators Community

“Horizon” -Israel’s Community of Space Educators is a joint venture of the Israeli Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ramon Foundation and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Space Kids

Space kids is an experimental educational program from kindergarten children, The program’s purpose is to establish a scientific and technological orientation among kindergarten children, prior to entering elementary school.

Network Academy

Online  lectures program. The Ramon Foundation operates for the Israeli Space Agency and ministery of education the space lectures in this inspring project.

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The Ramon Foundation


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Donations are fully tax deductible in the U.S. and in Israel and can also be made in Canadian Dollars, Pound Sterling, and Euro. 
After your donation is processed, you will receive a letter of thanks and a tax deductible receipt from us or our partner organization. If you are donating in honor of a special occasion or in memory of someone, enter the contact information of the honoree in the form and we’ll be happy to send a letter of acknowledgement to your recipient of choice by email or by postal mail.

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