The management team of the Ramon Foundation

Ran Livne

Director General

Ran has served as director general since June 2015.

Ran has being involved with Social entrepreneurship since 2008 and has a broad experience with establishing, promoting and operating social and business ventures.

Prior to his work as the foundation’s CEO, Ran worked for 3.5 years as the head of business development at the strategic consulting company T.A.R.A. Ran has escorted A number of  leading public enterprises in Israel: local communities, Institutions of higher education, Hospitals and Non-profit organizations.

Ran was the Chairman of the student union in Tel-Aviv university till 2001 and as a member in the governing council of the national union of Israeli students. Among the rest, Ran was one of the founders of the entrepreneurship center in Tel-Aviv University and initiate the Housing Scholarship Fund of the Tel Aviv municipality. Ran was the chairman of the board of “Dyonun” and established the community interest company – “Extra Student”.

Ran has a BA in Sociology and English Literature from Tel-Aviv university, MBA in Business Management-Global strategy from IDC Herzliya and graduated the Grubb institution’s Leadership program in London.

Aside from his work at the Ramon foundation, Ran is also a faculty member at the academic program – Global Consulting Practicum at the IDC Herzliya and Wharton school for business management in USA.  Ran also sit as a board member in of the Israeli Leadership Forum, 2bcommunity and the social economy academy. 

Inbar Sade

COO at the Ramon Foundation 
Ramon Awards Manager

Has a B.A in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. Inbar worked as a Political Advisor in the Knesset of Israel, ran election campaigns, and was in charge of the connection with the third sector as part of her duties.

Inbar is a graduate of the Year of Service of the Jewish Agency and the Diller program. She served in the IDF as a Training Officer in the Moran unit for several years and as a Company Commander in her most recent position. As part of these roles, she got involved in education, building training programs, team management, and development.

Reuven Tzemach

Aviators Club Director

41 years old, founder and director of the aviators club. Married +2, lives in the north of Israel.

Has a BA from the excellence course in Media and Political science, and a MA in Political media and Philosophy. Reuven is a member at the YVC board of directors and has a broad experience working with teenagers.

Reuven is a lecturer for motivation, success, making personal choices etc. He was the chairman of the student union in YVC.

Reuven founded the Aviators club 9 years ago in “Gyora Yosefthal” school at Migal Ha’Emek, along with a manager and a pilot from the 117 sqardon.

Nowadays Reuven works with the Ramon foundation and manage the Aviator club in all aspects. He serves as a mentor for the entire staff of the Aviators club.

Reuven also works as a social leader in the “Arazim” school at Ramat Ishai.

Lior Ron

 Head of Space Education

Lior holds an MBA from the Mandel Social Leadership Program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, a BA in Communication from the IDC Herzliya and a Teacher’s Certificate from the ‘Reshit Chinuch’ program for post-graduates at the Kibbutzim College, with specialization on Civics studies.

She brings vast experience in fields of formal education as an educator and professional teacher in junior-high, and informal education as the Jewish Agency’s emissary to the Jewish Federation of Delaware.

Prior to joining the Ramon Foundation, she led Social Involvement at the Young Adults Center of the Kfar Saba Municipality, and volunteered in various non-profit organizations such as “Amit La’Derech” and “Push”.

Lior is also a part of the founding team at the “Migdalor” army-preparatory program, involved in the educational strategy team and leading the marketing operations

Dana Cwigrah 

SpaceLab Director

Has a B.A in Behavorial Science from Tel Aviv Acedemic College and M.A in conflict resolution from Tel Aviv University.

In recent years has amassed experience in managing and operating complex projects. In her recent position, worked as a Project Manager in the Institute for Quality Leadership and previously worked as an External Relation Coordinator in the office of President Shimon Peres. In addition, has worked as a Rehabilitation Counselor, counseling men and women who live in a shared hostel, diagnosed with borderline inteliigence and mental disorders.

Dana is a graduate of a social political leadership program and throughout the years has volunteered in different places in the third sector in Israel.

Emy Tzemach

Aviators Club Director

41 years old, coordinator of the Aviators club. Married +2, lives in the north of Israel.

Emy has a BA in Psychology. Worked mainly in the Hi-Tech field.

11 years ago, along with her husband, founded the first plans of the Aviators club.

Nowadays, Emy is the coordinator of the Aviators club’s national program of the Ramon foundation.

Emy was born in Transylvania, Romania and is a granddaughter og holocaust survivors. She immigrated to Israel when she was 12 years old and lived in Haifa. She served in the Nahal Group in the IDF.

Yifat Mescheluff

Spacelab coordinator
Yifat holds a B.A. in Psychology and Communication and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Ariel University. Over the past few years, Yifat has gained extensive experience writing pedagogical content, leading groups, and educational guidance. In the last job, he coordinated a national cyber study program for girls. Yifat has accompanied dozens of students across the country, aiming to increase the number of women in the technology world.
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Danielle Oryan 

Spacelab Program Director

Danielle holds an MBA program of the Mandel foundation in Business Administration with a specialization in social leadership from Ben Gurion University And B.ed from the Kibbutzim college.

During her studies, Danielle served as the head of the academic department and VP of Student Union at the “Kibbutzim College” . In addition, she was the Head of the Department of Social Welfare at the Student Union of Tel Aviv University .

Danielle has worked as a kindergarten teacher in the israeli education system, and iwas was a leading recruitment coordinator and was in Teach First Israel that promotes equity in education in Israel education system


Adi Saada 

Director of Israels community of space educators “HORIZON” a joint venture of the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ramon foindation.

Adi holds a BA in Political Science and Management from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA in the International Business Administration Program, specializing in Social Leadership, of the Mandel Foundation, Ben-Gurion University.

In recent years, she has gained extensive experience working in the third sector, during which she managed the Israeli parlament desk at the “Al-Mishmar Ha-Knesset” Institute, which monitors and reflects to the public issues of religion and state in Israel.

Adi previously managed a community of new immigrant students under the Immigrant Student Administration Division of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.

Adi served as an intern in the office of a Member of Knesset, is a graduate of the UN model program and has a background in a variety of programs working towards integrating new immigrants into Israeli society.

Nitsan Moran

Electrical Engineer and MBA with teaching diploma in education, has been active in the Ramon Foundation since 2017 in Spacelab and Spacetech programs.
Leader of the north district of Horizon – the space educators community of Israel Space Agency.
Volunteer in the education team of SpaceIL in effort to progress the scientific and technological education in Israel.
Serves in the IDF reserved military as Battalion commander.
Married and father of four.


Maya Shamit  

Rakia Coordinator

Maya holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Organizational Behavior & Development from the IDC Herzliya.
During her studies, she participated in the Rabin Leadership Program, which emphasizes development of social leadership in the social-public sector in Israel and took part in an innovation center focused on entrepreneurship and internal innovation in organizations.

Maya served for five years as an Air Force officer among them was a training officer and operations officer. Maya worked with children and youth in places emphasized personal development, creativity and innovation.
For years, she has been studying, practicing and guiding mindfulness in various settings.

In addition, she volunteered in various non-profit organizations such as “Enosh”, a youth rehabilitation boarding school and scouts.

מאיה שמיט (1)
Oriane Herzog
Coordinator of the second year of SpaceLab program
Holds a BA in neuroscience and linguistics and BA in cognitive psychology with an emphasis on data science. In the final year of her studies, she interned at the SYNRGAI startup, which deals with urban processes.
Oriane served as a human resource officer in the 8200 unit.
Throughout her studies, she participated in the “Speaking Hebrew” project as a Hebrew teacher in Bedouin schools in the Negev and worked as a content writer for the company “Syllabus”.

Inbal Nissim 

Space lab program coordinator  

B.A graduate in political science and education from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem 

On her last job inbal established and managed entrepreneurship centres in unistream foundation  in Jerusalem.

Before that she internshiped in the comptroller office in the international relations department 

Inbal have a teaching certificate in social studiez.

Shay Goldberg Goren
Entrepreneurship Program Manager
Shay established and built the ‘Journey to Entrepreneurship’ program at the foundation as part of the Aviators Club.
In collaboration with Reuven and the club staff, Shay develops the journey and leads the student groups in their first steps in the world of entrepreneurship. For the past fifteen years, Shay has run an industrial design studio, built and managed high-tech companies, sold a technology start-up company, and led creative processes of brands in Israel and abroad. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the Holon Institute of Technology (cum laude).
In parallel with his work with the fund, Shay accompanies companies and entrepreneurs on their business journey, is a strategic consultant in Israel and abroad, and serves as an active member of the reserve.

Ofir Goldner

Space Startup program coordinator  

Lawyer, graduate L.L.B. with honors from the College of Management. Ofir did her professional internship in the administrative department and in the labor law department at Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.
During her studies, Ofir participated in a variety of excellent programs, including the President’s Outstanding Program at the College of Management. Ofir has extensive experience in training development, mentoring mentors and program development.
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