Ramon Awards

The Ramon Award is a leading program in Israel in the field of leadership for 12th grade students. The partners for this program are: The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, and The Ramon Foundation. The partners choose each year 12 students who graduated the 11th grade, who excel in their studies, have proven leadership abilities and gave an outstanding contribution to their society and community. These students, who are selected from over 300 candidates in Filter committees, participate in an annual enriching and empowering leadership program that nurtures their abilities and equipped them with an administrative toolbox that will enable them to lead the Israeli society in the future.

Every year, candidates from all parts of society in Israel, win the “Ramon Award”: Women and men, New immigrants and ‘Tzabarim’, Arabs and Jews, Children who live in the center and the periphery.

In addition to the existing contents, there are – Meetings with opinion leaders in the Israeli public, sessions in self-management of the students and familiarity with core problems in Israeli society.  

נבחרי אות רמון לשנת תשע״ט

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