Aviators Club

The Aviators Club

The Aviators Club program is a Social-ethical leadership program for 5th-8th grade students, in which Operational squadrons of the Israeli air force adopt schools from the periphery. The pilots and a professional social leader from the Ramon Foundation accompany the children for two years using close escorting and meeting along the year.

The club nurture and empower the children, leading them to improve their self-image, capability sense and enhancing academic achievement. The club enables higher motivation and striving for excellency, it contributes to the development of personal responsibility and leadership.


The program is based on the thesis of  the founder and program director – Reuven Tzemach, and has won the minister or education’s award. For its donation to the program, the air force base at Ramat David has being awarded, by the commander in chief of the Israel Defense Forces, a Certificate of excellence for being a volunteer unit. The program is active in 18 local authorities and is being considered the most demanded program in Israeli educational system.

Results from recent years – For school-level program annual report

  • 98.9% elimination of violence among the group of students.
  • Enhancing academic achievement for 100% among the group of students. They all received grades above 75.
  • Social adaptation for 80% from the students as they became leaders in their schools (According to a survey of graduates and an evaluation from the schools principals).
  • The children lead, voluntarily, dozens of social projects.

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