The Ramon Foundation call for proposals for scientific research to be conducted by the 2nd Israeli in space, Eytan Stibbe

The 2nd Israeli in space mission (Astronaut for Israeli Science & Education-AISE) aims to support the growth of the Israeli space sector, empower Israeli space research, while simultaneously, positioning Israel as a global innovation centre for new space and space applications.

Following the footsteps of Ilan Ramon, we are proud to offer a unique opportunity to utilize the second Israeli astronaut, Eytan Stibbe’s stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for innovative POC’s and groundbreaking experiments.

These experiments and technology demonstrations is proposed by members of the Israeli space eco-system, high-tech sector, and academia.

This Call is open to all who wish to conduct experiments or demonstrate technologies (conduct POC) aboard the ISS: Entrepreneurs, startups, and industries, academic Institutes, research centers and nonporfits. International and interdisciplinary cross collaborations are welcomed and encouraged. 

This proposal is open to ANY area of science and technology that may be tested at the International space station (ISS) and utilizing Astronaut operation time.

Proposers must demonstrate the project’s unique novelty reflecting its true impact on advancing science, technology, and innovation.

This call is open to any Israeli organization or team that wishes to conduct experiments or demonstrate technologies aboard the ISS: Academic Institutes, research centers, not-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, startups, and commercial organizations. Collaboration between any of these, including with international partners, is encouraged. 

This solicitation will consider ANY area of science/technology which can be performed at the International Space Station as part of Mr. Stibbe’s AISE mission. Submitted proposals should demonstrate and explain the innovative approach of the project.

Ramon Foundation will provide Astronaut operating time to perform the research/project/test.

All costs, including development, modifications, packaging, shipping, and launching costs regard for conduct experiment in orbit are the responsibility of the proposers. All proposes require signing an agreement with service providers.  

The Israeli government intends to publish during the first quarter of 2021 a call for research proposals in the area of Science and Technology to be carried out on the ISS, with government funding. Submission will be open, inter alia, to the proposes selected by this call.


Proposal Preparation

All proposers must submit the following to the submission box located below by 6:00 p.m. (IST) on February 28, 2021:


  1. Cover page (1-page) 
  2. Proposal (up to 10-pages) 
  3. Budget breakdown (1-page) 
  4. Reference list (optional; 1-page)
  5. Quad chart (1-page) 
  6. Abstract (100 words)
  7. Proposal Schedule 
  8. Safety 
  9. Agreement with providers
  10. Collaborations
  11. Ethical certification if required (Helsinki, IRB, IEC)

Templates for the cover page, proposal, quad chart,
and budget breakdown are included in the package found below.

All proposals will be evaluated by a panel of multidisciplinary top-level experts. The evaluation criteria include: Technical feasibility of the experiment to be conducted on the ISS, availability of required ISS and commercial partner resources based on AX-1 mission timeline, scientific and Economic impact, novelty, and breakthrough.

All selected proposals will be required to show to the committee them verification plan according to the schedule below.

General Selection Process

Point of Contacts: 

Inbal Kreiss, Scientific Committee Chairperson, [email protected]

Eliran Raphael Hamo, Payload Specialist, [email protected]

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